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i am. i am . this is the news coming to you live from berlin nato leaders gather in london to mark the military alliance a 70th anniversary president trump declares that the u.s. benefits least a force from the alliance and it's not the only point of dispute the allies will have to deal with it during the summer break down by division we'll go live to london for the coming out. die from coming in lashes the philippines the storm hits the east of the country with winds of more than 150 kilometers per hour hundreds of
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thousands are forced to flee. and demonstrators keep depression as delegates get down to black at the u.n. climate summit in madrid where the experts say the last decade has seen the queen the hottest on record. plus in football meghan the peano and lionel messi awarded the prestigious ballon d'or awards look you know caps a stallion on the pitch while messi wins the trophy for of record 6 times we've talked just sports correspondent. hello and welcome i'm the. u.s. president donald trump says united states gets the least benefits from nato trump is in london with the other one leaders to mock the military alliances 70th birthday and discuss issues like. russia and signed
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a security speaking alongside the nato secretary general against stoltenberg trump again accuse germany of not contributing an f. enough to defense spending. now ahead of the meeting french president money in macau criticized nato as braindead because of a lack of focus on the alliances goes speaking in london the us president donald trump said france needed nato the most most of all member countries were i would say that nobody needs they were the friends you just look back over where. nobody leaves. and frankly no one is really the least is. the police will be your or your grades of go against a common foe. so
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that's was present donald trump speaking in london let's go live to our correspondent teddy schultz who is following the gathering in london for us a welcome tell you we heard that even before this meeting has started there is acrimony president donald trump a bite he also said other things about french president a money look cruel and not at all if it was complementary. that's right and read i mean these disputes have been going on not just today but of course for weeks and months ahead of this meeting exacerbated of course by president mcclellan's comments that the alliance was brain dead something that interestingly president truck took great issue with himself having been the biggest critic of nato before this but yes the scene has been set for some very tense discussions in fact that that press conference with the president trump and nato secretary general sort of is still going on now so we don't even know what he's saying in addition to this but i would take some issue with him being the analyst
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on who needs nato most this is certainly not an easy question to answer and i think that all allies need the alliance and we're going to be hearing much more about that need for unity in the 2 days ahead and to tell you tell us why is this summit amid old this meeting in london and apparently has been downgraded from a summits to a leaders meeting what's the story there. well it's not been downgraded because it was never called a summit but in fact if they do only call it a meeting and call the documents that it is hoped to be signed tomorrow only only a document and not a communique because they do not want to give president trump more of a stage in which to take over take over the nato issues with other issues as we just saw this morning is already happening in fact it was never going to be a summit just like in the summer the foreign ministers came together in washington
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and that too was only a meeting and this if nato planners are honest this is because of president trump they do not want it to be sort of hijacked for other issues for private issues for domestic issues and that is what we see is happening now and given the mitchell alliances so rigid done by division is this military alliance losing its relevance . i think if anything it is gaining its relevance because you see that it is the only platform where this particular group of countries ever comes together you don't have any other body where you've got turkey and the u.s. and france and greece and cyprus and all of the same taken sorry not cyprus all at the same table. the european union of course doesn't have the united states doesn't have turkey so nato as as a platform for discussing international issues and international tensions is more
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important than ever that in fact was one of president mcclellan's criticisms he says it should be used more to talk about issues like what happened in northern syria even though nato wasn't on the ground all of the countries that were relevant there are in the operations in northern syria are members of nato and he says let's use it more as a place to discuss and hopefully come to resolutions that don't require military action run to shoot in london thank you very much for that up. it's a bit of course we'll be talking to you all day as the meeting gets underway and we see what comes out of the discussions that. the philippines and this need in the country. bringing to wrench rains and winds topping 150 kilometers per hour it's now bearing down on the capsule at least 2 people have been killed in moods and $200000.00 people have fled to safety little as international has suspended operations organizers of the
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southeast asian games have had to cancel some events. for the very least on the situation there. joins me from the philippines the philippines capital manila a will come on. why dredge in the region in december tell us what the situation there is like right now and how's it affecting people. i'm reporting from the weather bureau where there are a typhoon has made landfall or time now neighboring i've been. in the north and tens rain. or warnings remain up and. point for all of. for now the storm earlier this. week but of course the
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winds were still strong. received reports that. a portion of its roof. and windows were broken. officials were able to do. a lot. well i don't know that these are the numerous reports of downed communication lines downed power lines and homes that were blown away how everything was to clarify that these are preliminary reports only there are roads that remain at inaccessible and then still they have access points into the areas that are affected able to confirm the full extent of damage now from where i am. but knowing how
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storms can quickly turn on you many people in the lead in the neighboring communities will continue to hold their breath until it. finally makes its exit out of the philippines. thank you very much it was just a day. that may not mean you have to do it some of the stories making news around the wild north korean leader kim jong un has opened a flagship construction project at the mountain where his family claims its roots state media here in the revamped city of some gian as the effort to me of modern civilization the so-called socialist utopia includes housing commercial facilities and a ski resort. intially dozens of students have staged protests at metro stations around the capital of santiago they jumped on turnstiles and had commuters avoid paying for tickets anger over
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a fare hike triggered the still ongoing mass demonstrations in chile but protesters highlighting widespread inequality. a powerful storm that goes havoc in the american midwest has now moved on to the northeast more than half a meter of snow is forecast in some areas some $4000.00 flights have been cancelled . the teenage climate change activists bag is due to arrive back in europe after crossing the atlantic by boat the catamaran carrying is approaching the portuguese capital lisbon junebug had been attending climate protests in the united states but refused to fly back to europe because of the common emissions involved from lisbon she go to the u.n. climate summit in madrid. now where the experts have released a report at the summit warning that the past decade is the most certain to have been the hottest on record the an assessment of the earth's climate by the was
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material logical organization paints a bleak picture of the vanishing ice devastating heat waves and encroaching seas sobering evidence for the delegates at the summit. the focus right now is on who will launch real action against climate change last year a new record was set with humans pumping more gigatons of greenhouse gases into the environment than ever before now at the u.n. climate conference in madrid spain delegates from around the world are expected to get clear on exactly how they'll take action moving forward. u.n. secretary general antonio terra's said the war against nature must stop do we really want could be remembered as the generation that bird if you have in this. wired the planet burns. and the pressure is on the last 5 years were the warmest since humans began recording temperatures extreme weather events are more common
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sea levels continue to rise to dangerous new levels. pollution in the atmosphere and in our oceans is devastating ecosystems. but so far most countries are still heading in the wrong direction scientists say the vital markers of climate change are predicted to rise not fall in the coming decade emerging economies are burning more coal and the us one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions pulled out of the paris agreement the u.s. delegation says that will change. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a. by the fossil fuel industry will not prevail meanwhile europe is setting its sights on leadership the new head of the european commission
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ursula vander lyon said europe is prepping to blaze the trail to an economy that prioritizes eco friendly innovation climate. 2015 the european green deal is europe's new growth strategy. it will cut emissions while also creating. funder lion said the e.u. wants to create a transition to climate neutrality that is irreversible with plans to invest one trillion euro in the next decade to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent in the world. the race is on to see who can create leadership that finally brings results. saying that the last decade has been the hottest on record in some parts of the world that means expanding deserts and shrinking farmlands south africa region is suffering its worst drought in a century it's oldest town and that's has been parched but with taps running dry
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farmers have to decide whether to keep dead livestock alive or let them die it's a grim choice of other places that shrinking water supplies could soon be facing as a planet gets. your highness on rensburg drives past what used to be a field of a god is on his. today there is nothing left. wrong the non-food they are the missing get out they all died in 17 fun runs bugs farm is located in south africa's great karun the region is naturally dry but a severe drought is now taking its toll on humans and animals. there with good out that all being the 4th drought but i've gone through this one walk through is about to be obviously the length of this that out it's now lost the
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way we all know that you think. we are not being assisted in any way by by the government over. the dry land means there is no grazing so to keep his tuna half 1000 sheep and goats alive one runs book has to spend $9000.00 u.s. dollars a month many farmers have to slaughter the animals will file for bankruptcy and with many dams now completely dried up the provincial government recently declared the eastern cape province a disaster area but farmers and residents a still waiting for support. wendy tunes he has been living in the career town of gras for a net her whole life and we could go tap run dry and the toilets wouldn't flush. the children are getting. people are getting sick what he needs with.
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the town's water trucks don't come regularly and when he is disappointed with the local authorities. what had. over a week without. his among the worst affected towns dams and rivers a bone dry in april the municipality received $30000000.00 rand that's more than 200000 u.s. dollars in drought relief we try to find out what the money has been spent on and if a water management plan is in place but the mayor isn't available for an interview the south african disaster relief organization gift of the givers has now stepped in the engine drills bore holes and distributes drinking water to the community. restruck enough water to supply at least 2000 children within the. even
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a day from now on until the municipality is back on track and they're going to take to the patient back and they can run they're going. it seems accountability and good governance and needed here every bit as much as rainfall is. here watching the news coming up ahead the riskiest see the reason photographer unique bond with ocean waves. but 1st to football is fisted. meghan to peano of the u.s. an argentine boss and us to the end missy have been awarded best female and male players of the respectively max mare from the sports desk at a small welcome. meghan to pina was quite clearly the favorites to win this what did us but your perspective as to why you think the judging panel chose well i
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think on the pitch she had an amazing year leading the usa women's team to a world cup title and becoming the play of the tournament also the joint top scorer of the 26 goals but i think a little bit also was colored by what she did off the pitch becoming a real icon of women's football and transcending the sport like few other footballers have and she's we can see it giving speeches something we saw a lot of during this year in which she also revealed political activist side something she had done throughout her career but obviously the platform is growing ever more so i think those 2 pad well together as well and she reacted to when well she wasn't actually at the ceremony but she did react on instagram we can take a look at what she said and she was very clearly in a long very long post making sure that the team stood at the focus here we can see and again and again repeating this is not my what is she saying here we all won and
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while i'm surely on it's a win the bottom 2 i'd like to accept it on behalf of the soul and spoke about what the team meant so that was you know unfortunately not. at the ceremony we don't know exactly why but she was right did recognize the award yet very kind of generous in victory in the inside it was much closer to the end messi has won for a record 6 times tell us what his he has been like yeah well i mean some people some people critical of that decision or said well he didn't have that amazing of a year but i mean such is the brilliance of this player that he did have 50 goals in $51.00 games last season and he started this season in similar fashion so you know he won the spanish league nothing else but still an amazing year for him but we'll talk a little bit more about who else was in contention of 1st let's hear from him how he reacted to the award i mean look you know what i mean it was only a match in a bowl for me to think i could win one bottle and all never mind 6 but it's a pleasure to have so many and be the only one with 61 and it's great to have face
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recognition and that makes me very proud when they look at me and it's you know it was. so congratulations to him i'm shown. going somewhere but what about some people felt that live it was vicious and dyke was also of a kind of that it's a that he might win yeah van dyke was came in 2nd place and he was sort of the fan favorite you could say maybe out of out of outside of the messy diehard fans but he's a defender and defenders have traditionally struggled to convince voters and only 4 defenders have won and even of those 4 there were 2 that you could argue wouldn't actually defend is. the last one came in 2006 that was fabio cannavaro virgil van dyke out of amazing year winning the champions league with liverpool then winning the nation's league with the netherlands and really made a difference not only to his game but also affecting those around him making them better so a lot of people hope that maybe someone like him would be selected because attack
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is traditionally obviously they have the numbers they have the flashy play. but still a brilliant if him right thank you very much for your insights into the bout and. there was monday night football in the bundesliga as lines hosted frankfurt interview and it was the cold side which took a big win to move up from the depths of the table. local clashes are usually fiery occasions and this one was no different flares thrown on to the pitch was a plane for a slightly later kick off than planned but the action came ficken fast ball to him so reagan put the visits is what up to 33 minutes i did offend of finding room to shoot amid the chaos. but fresh food soon ran into trouble so many could be receiving his marching orders for this last minute sneak up behind the mines pouched carry my own ac would
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a searing shock to draw things level in the 2nd cuff but at 2nd glance pincer i got got the final touch another goal for the on track mind running this time. to find a home so i grabbed the winner throughout and saw all eyes close range finish to watch the final still i finds the points. now in the northern hemisphere it's that time of the hour when the oceans are at their most a turbulent ripped up by winter winds and the british photographer taleban has a love of the sea and especially the waves their hometown on the south east coast of england photos capture the power and the mystery of the sea have a look. when the sea churns and whales when the tides come in and gales whipped up the water that's when british way photographer rachel tons of art springs into action. that's going to wash away stress to make
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sure. on the beaches of england south east coast she takes spectacular photos at the scene as if she were out in the midst of it. photographing waves means dealing with a constantly changing subject. that if you can see that if you get one really big way the next to immediately after it at this beach and many beaches were forced to be big. so you get people who see the 1st before i take the picture and then they're looking at the camera there's 2 more cabbage. rachel tom the truth international attention with her photo series sirens she took the pictures during a special intense storms involving winds up to 150 kilometers per hour and waves as
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high as 15 meters it was the 8th of february 26th which are storm images and i spent the day here exactly where we are now and it was 6 hours of utterly exhausting utterly pretty and photography. she gave every wave she photographed for the series a name taken from mythology medusa limitless poseidon making the giant waves seem like raging gaunts or demons. if you freeze the sea at a really fast shutter speed a 1000th of a 2nd well they're about there are amazing shapes and this is an example this one is called loki the norse trickster god he looks like he's having a good laugh. the photographer has only was love the seas mysterious and an earthly qualities but she also senses that now if poses an entirely new kind of
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menace i spent a lifetime looking at the sea and that this coast and i'm not a scientist but it fails to me that the incidence of severe storms on this coast has grown which from a photographic perspective based quite exciting but is obviously also has other. ramifications more worrying. but when this becomes smooth and tranquil at every time it's time for rachel told to head home again. this is big news and these are our top stories president dollar trump press said the united states gets the least benefit from nato speaking ahead of a nato 70th anniversary meeting in london trump again accused germany of not spending enough on defense the meeting is also said to focus on russia and cyber
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threats from china. where the experts have told the united nations climate summit in madrid that the last decade is almost certain to have been the hottest on record the mature logical organization paints a bleak picture of vanishing ice devastating heat waves and encroaching seas. typhoon has made landfall in the philippines bringing to wrencher rains and winds topping 150 kilometer per hour at least 2 people have been killed more than $200000.00 people have fled to safety money does international air force has suspended operations. messi has one of record 6 ballon d'or football's most prestigious award the top women's football is american mega drippy no goals help the u.s. to victory at this summer's. this is. from all follow us
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on twitter. or visit a website that's dot com. coming up next we have business news get as far as we have the latest for you do stay with us for that if you can of a. devastating
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debut for joy influence my september 11th couldn't keep up with dortmund's to maintain and slip into relegation bring the by by a little close in takes down by our munich's tough luck for the most variance to hit the road more free time. 60. dollars. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 6
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a pot. that's me and me and you. and you know what ifs. no voice is part. of the 77 percent the top issue. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w c and now currently affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be mayor pro tem in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 but documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before. but i'm here for marriage to the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on g.w. . from russia with mixed feelings why some german companies are increasingly wary about doing business that all those others yes think also on the show the old string to pipeline from russia to germany me as completion will this make the whole of europe too dependent don't put his ga supplies under.


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